Stirling Home Studio

  • Are you ready to sell your property for all it's worth?

    In the Toronto condo and loft market more sellers are sold on staging by Stirling Home Studio as a sure way to get the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

    Sellers who stage their property through Stirling Home Studio automatically have a strong competitive edge. From the second the front door opens to prospective buyers, their property is ready to impress and command attention.

    Many of the properties staged by Stirling Home Studio have sold on the first day, or in the first week, attracting multiple offers over the asking price.

    So let Stirling Home Studio set the stage for your property—and sell it for all it’s worth.

  • Staging properties for impressive sales is our business.

    Stirling Home Studio specializes in staging properties in the unique and highly competitive Toronto condo and loft market—from 400 square foot studios to 2,000 square foot penthouses.

    We do more than just transform your property into a chic and modern model suite, we transform it into an aspiration. We do more than just stage living spaces, we stage lifestyles.

    Your property will be professionally transformed into a model suite, with up-market designer furnishings, current design trends, lighting, artwork, accessories and modern, contemporary colors. Our flair for design and attention to detail creates aspirational yet attainable living spaces, everywhere the buyer looks.

    Stirling Home Studio owns an extensive inventory of furnishings. We hand-pick every item to accentuate the special qualities of your property. We make small spaces look big, awkward spaces work well and big spaces look warm and inviting.

    It’s a smart way to sell because buyers will pay top dollar for lifestyle and the home of their dreams. Stirling Home Studio will create the best first impression and make buyers feel they’re already at home.

  • What To Expect.

    Stirling Home Studio specializes in hassle free start-to-finish staging services that are quick and affordable.

    Beginning with our Initial Consultation we determine your overall needs, establish a budget and explain our processes in detail.

    The cost of our staging services is mainly determined by the square footage of your property and the amount of furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories required to create a model suite environment and have your property ready to sell.

    Stirling Home Studio takes the stress out of staging your home, by handling the complete project for you from start to finish-in the least amount of time.

    Our staging projects are completed over one business day. This includes delivery, set up, and assembly. And we de-stage just as efficiently, to ensure as little disruption as possible.

    You’ll feel comfortable with our thorough, methodical approach and impressed with the end result. Indeed, most real estate agents consider Stirling Home Studio projects as premium listings and make showing them a priority.